Welcome to 21sustainability

At 21sustainability we believe that now is the time to break away from doing things the same way we have done for decades. If we are not satisfied with the results, why do we keep repeating the same actions?

Together, we can create a future for your organization that will help balance multiple priorities and generate positive and lasting value for both people and our planet.


Our values guide the way we approach problems. 21sustainability is a different type of consulting company. We don’t come into your organization just to run a meeting or write a strategic plan. We work with your staff to inspire lasting change for the maximum impact.

Conservation institutions are operating under a business model that was built in the 20th century. Our ways of doing business have mostly focused on keeping things the way they are, or trying to revert to the past. This prevents us from shaping our own future; we are missing opportunities to create new systems that solve cultural, economic and environmental challenges.


Culture, ecology, society, economics, biophysics, etc. are intertwined processes that are too often treated separately. By thinking about whole systems, we can bring together innovation, technology, grass-roots activism, and harness the creativity found in other sectors. We can solve social justice and equity challenges and environmental sustainability challenges at the same time.


Achieving Results

How do you know if your actions are having their desired impacts? Are you able to communicate to donors, taxpayers, or stakeholders exact accomplishments from your organization? 21sustainability can help you link actions to outcomes.


Common senseThere are common sense approaches to innovation, organizational transformation, and sustainability. We do not need the perfect scenario or the budget increase to get started today.



Our Team


Amanda Sesser, Ph.D. is a global environmental change scientist and social-ecological sustainability entrepreneur. Her passion is to bridge social and environmental problem solving to inform policy and management.

Jason Mitzen is a digital entrepreneur and technology expert.

Our team is growing! We will announce future employment opportunities. If you would like to be in our database for consultants, please send us your resume and a cover letter highlighting how you see yourself contributing to our vision.

Amanda is an inspiration to work with and she has a remarkable ability to blend creativity and practicality.

Ian Dutton, Nautilus Impact Investing

  Amanda is an energetic, creative problem-solver and a natural-born collaborator.  She meets every challenge with excitement, enthusiasm and an endlessly positive attitude that engages and inspires others.

Chris Smith, Wildlife Management Institute