At 21sustainability we help organizations, communities, and governments better understand, manage and adapt to social and ecological changes. Rather than waiting for changes to occur, and then reacting, we help you anticipate and drive those changes.

We believe that through creativity, inclusivity, and strategic action that we have the capacity to create new systems that support both people and the planet. We focus on achieving outcomes through transformational change, not by doing business as usual.

Sustainability in the 21st century may seem unrealistic, given our challenges, but we can use emerging technology and innovation to arrive at solutions never before considered. Sustainability is a people problem, not a scientific or data problem. By keeping people at the heart of the matter, we can work together to achieve social justice, equity, and environmental objectives.


Amanda is an inspiration to work with and she has a remarkable ability to blend creativity and practicality.

Ian Dutton, Nautilus Impact Investing

  Amanda is an energetic, creative problem-solver and a natural-born collaborator.  She meets every challenge with excitement, enthusiasm and an endlessly positive attitude that engages and inspires others.

Chris Smith, Wildlife Management Institute